What is eCirculate for?
We hear all the time about the importance and reach of online video marketing. But for many companies the additional cost of promoting a video through the media sometimes exceeds the cost of producing the original content. In 2018 some sites were asking for between 500 – 1000 GBP to advertise a video on their site.

For many companies, uploading videos to YouTube and embedding their content onto their own websites is the only viable option for promoting the video they have produced. eCirculate was developed to address this and to offer companies with video content a cost effective service that promotes their content on multiple sites.

eCirculate will give you :
• wider exposure for your video content that is also targeted, all for a fixed cost; and
• improved brand awareness and connectivity with your audience.

How does it Work?
You sign up for an annual subscription and then you can upload your mp4 video files to our dedicated portal. eCirculate then pushes your video content directly to news sites and promotes them through our media partners’ Twitter accounts. Please note that we review all content before distribution. We also reserve the right to refuse content.

Key Benefits and Features
1. Links – we display your videos with relevant links back to whoever is featured in the content, to your website and your social accounts. This is to help build your brand awareness and enable targeted visitors to find out more about you.
2. Distribution – once approved, we upload your videos to our video platforms on sector specific news sites, ensuring that the relevant partners promote them through their social accounts. This combined distribution strategy means more targeted traffic being driven back to your website or social accounts.
3. Stats – we record video stats across our entire network of sites, including social network viewings, so you get a clear picture of your video’s combined performance and reach.

How Much Does it Cost?
eCirculate costs £575 per year, with a limit of 10 video uploads a year per company. This compares very favourably with some individual magazines who charge for monthly for their video promotion services.

What else does eCirculate offer?
Besides video promotion the eCirculate platform also delivers “Event Listings” and “Blogger Listings”. These currently appear on over 20 websites. The eCirculate platform is continually developing and in 2019 we intend to add a “Directory” and a “Job’s Board”.

Interested in improving your Social reach?
The eCirculate platform also offers a “Twitter Boost” via the media partners who run this plugin on their websites. The eCirculate system helps coordinate “Twitter” campaigns with the media partners involved, which means that you can enhance your online campaigns.

Do you own a news website?
We are currently working with over 50 websites in several different sectors. In late 2018 we started working with news sites in Africa, South Africa, Ireland and Australia. If you would like to understand more about what we are offering or if you are interested in joining our “media cooperative” then please get in touch.